Find Your MAC Address

Here’s an easy way of finding your MAC address in Windows. Pull up a run box by hitting the Windows key +R button. Type cmd and hit enter. Type getmac and hit enter. Note the Physical Address on the left side of the screen located directly to the left of \Device\Tcpip.

Setup TP-Link TL-WR841N as a Wi-Fi Bridge

  I wanted a cheap way to strengthen the signal for my devices located downstairs in my house. I thought about buying one of those small range extenders but decided against it and purchased a cheap $18 router instead. I would never use the TL-WR841N as my main router but it works pretty well as …

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Find Your Router’s IP Address

  Here’s an easy way of finding your router’s IP address in Windows. Pull up a run box by hitting the Windows key +R button. Type cmd and hit enter. Type ipconfig and hit enter. Note the Default Gateway address. That is your router’s IP address.

Connect the D2-961G to ADB using Google USB drivers

  The D2-961G doesn’t come with USB drivers to connect your tablet with ADB. If there are such drivers, they’re not available for download from the manufacturer website. This is a simple and quick method to get the 961 interfaced with ADB without using the proprietary driver. This will also work for a lot of …

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Setup, Configure and Tweak the D2-961G Android Tablet

  I received a Digital2 D2-961G Android tablet as a gift a few days ago and I absolutely love it. I can’t say enough about it. It’s a great budget tablet, accompanied with a keyboard, cover and a portable charger for under $150. The specs are decent, it sports a Quad Core 1GHz processor, 1GB DDR3 RAM …

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My Horror Movie GIFs

  My first attempt at making some animated GIFs from a few of my favorite horror flicks.  

Add the date to Graphene top-bar and general settings in WordPress

  A while ago I wanted to add the date to the top-bar on my site. This was easily accomplished using the graphene-theme and a very useful action hook, plus some markup to color and position it. My problem wasn’t displaying the date in the top-bar or styling it. I simply wanted to display the …

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99 Problems…

  Every time my friend turns on his Xbox, this is what he has to deal with. Sorry, brah, I had to do it.

Hide Any Program Or Window On Your Computer With HiddeX

  HiddeX is a very small, portable and free application for hiding any window or program running on your computer. Easily hide a website, video game or a movie playing in your favorite media player with a single click of a mouse button or a hotkey on your keyboard. If you’re watching a movie or …

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Convert your DVD files to MP4 with Video to Video Converter

  Video to Video is an awesome piece of freeware for backing up your movies to digital media files for streaming over your network, or playing from a usb drive. It supports over 200 audio and video formats for multiple devices and their configurations. A ripper, burner, joiner and splitter are just a few tools included in this suite. …

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