Completely Uninstall Babylon Toolbar

A quick removal guide to completely rid this useless toolbar and all of its bullshit from Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome.

Use this guide at your own risk. We’ll need to remove a few keys from the registry to completely remove Babylon. This guide assumes you know how to, create a system restore point, extract files from a zip archive, and edit a batch file.


Uninstall process for Babylon, on Internet Explorer, Firefox, & Chrome:

Hit the Windows key + R button at the same time to pull up the run box.



Win Run Box


Type appwiz.cpl and press enter to bring up the add/remove programs control panel wizard




Babylon Notification BarIn the notification bar, right click on the icon and select exit. (optional)


appwiz.cpl babylon

Find Babylon and Babylon toolbar on IE in the add/remove programs list and uninstall them.



Plain old RegEdit would do the trick here but I prefer a slightly better program when I’m searching through the registry. Nirsoft’s free RegScanner.

RegScanner Settings1


You can download it from here. Open it, leave all settings default, and put a checkmark in Case Sensitive and do a search for Babylon.





Press CTRL+A to select all the entries, and CTRL+Del to delete them. Or, right click and choose Delete Selected Keys/Values.

Press OK to dismiss the warning box.



We pretty much removed most of Babylon by this point, but there’s a few things left to do. We have to reset the homepages in IE, Chrome, and FireFox to whatever they were before Babylon hijacked them. We also need to remove any browser plugins Babylon installed. 

IE Start Page Fix

Download my IE StartPage Fix.zip

Extract the file. Right click, and edit.


Change the URL addresses for “firstpage” and “secondpage” on lines 12 and 13 to whatever you want.
Mine are set to google.com and my offline localhost\wordpressSave the file and exit.

Now, we’re going to run the file we just edited, so double click on it. This will fix IE’s start page, reset the default search provider back to Bing, and also fixes when you open a new tab in IE. All of which were previously hijacked by Babylon.

That’s it! Internet Explorer should be fixed. However, we still need to clean up Babylon’s plugins for Firefox and Chrome.



Firefox About Config


Start Firefox and pay no attention to the Babylon homepage. Type about:config in the address bar and press enter.


Firefox Void Button



You’ll see the void screen, click the button to proceed.





Firefox Fix


Refer to the pic on the left. Do a search for Babylon. Right click on each of the first 4 entries and reset them.

Firefox Browser Startup

Right click on the 5th entry, browser.startup.homepage and select Modify. Enter whatever address you want. Now, reset the last two entries in the list.

 Click on Tools, → Addons, → Extensions and remove any Babylon plugins you see. Copy/Paste %programfiles%\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins in to the run box and press enter. Delete babylon.xml from the folder. That’s it. If you need to fix Chrome, keep reading.




Chrome Extensions


Start Chrome and type chrome://extensions in the address bar.

You’ll see Babylon listed, like in the pic to the left.








Click the trash can icon, to the right the word Enabled (Refer to pic below)

Chrome Extensions Babylon

Copy and paste chrome://settings in to the address bar and press enter. 

Click on Manage search engines and highlight Search the web (babylon)
Click the X button to delete the plugin. (Refer to the pic below)
Click OK to close the screen.

Chrome Babylon Search Remove

Under appearance, click on Change and set your homepage to whatever you want.Chrome Set Homepage