Hide Any Program Or Window On Your Computer With HiddeX


HiddeX is a very small, portable and free application for hiding any window or program running on your computer. Easily hide a website, video game or a movie playing in your favorite media player with a single click of a mouse button or a hotkey on your keyboard.

If you’re watching a movie or listening to music then you can mute the audio before hiding your application. Just set the “Boss Key” (hotkey) you want to use for hiding/showing your application and click “Apply”… simple and easy!

Download the latest version to get started.

Using HiddeX

  1. Click on the common programs icon (¤) to the left of “Windows List” and select
    a program to add.
  2. Search by “Windows Text” or “Processes” and double click to add another program.
  3. Put a checkmark in “Hide HiddeX” and “Keyboard hotkey”.
  4. Set a hotkey for the keyboard and click apply.