Setup, Configure and Tweak the D2-961G Android Tablet


I received a Digital2 D2-961G Android tablet as a gift a few days ago and I absolutely love it. I can’t say enough about it. It’s a great budget tablet, accompanied with a keyboard, cover and a portable charger for under $150. The specs are decent, it sports a Quad Core 1GHz processor, 1GB DDR3 RAM and 8GB for storage.

I spent the last 2 days playing, configuring and trying to make it as snappy as possible. My only real issue was Chrome was pretty much useless for me after installing the initial updates. It was slow to respond and load pages, sometimes it would just flat out freeze. Turning on Reduce data usage in advanced settings helped a lot with this issue.


D2-961G: First Steps

  • Install my MicroSDHC card
  • Add my Owner information
  • Add my WiFi network credentials
  • Add my accounts – gmail and work email accounts
  • Disable unwanted apps
  • Update built-in Android apps
  • Adjust the date & time
  • Adjust the screen brightness
  • Change the Wallpaper
  • Cleanup the Homescreen – delete / rearrange widgets & icons
  • System config / tweak
  • Change the download path in ES File Explorer


D2-961G: Disable Apps

One of the first things I do is disable unwanted apps that I’m never going to use. I want all the resources I can get and have no use for any of the apps listed below, or their updates.

So, head over to Settings → AppsAll, and select an application to disable. I usually clear data, cache, uninstall updates, force stop and then disable. Rinse and repeat for all other apps.

After you’re done, don’t forget to update the built-in apps that you’ll actually use.


Google Bloatware:

  • Play Books
  • Play Games
  • Play Magazines
  • Play Movies & TV
  • Play Music
  • Play Newsstand

Android Bloatware:

  • OfficeSuite Pro (Trial)
  • iMediaShare Lite
  • Maxthon Web Browser
  • TuneIn Radio
  • AccuWeather
  • Games (wild tangent)

The way I feel about pre-installed apps on my device is, I don’t need anyone to install them for me and just because they force them on me doesn’t mean I’m going to use them any time soon. But, I will say that not allowing me the option to delete the application whenever I want is a low down dirty bastard thing to do.

OfficeSuite Pro might be a great program but I’ll never know because a free application like KingSoft Office exists and does everything I need. Likewise, I don’t use Google to purchase books, movies or music, I have an Amazon Prime account for that.


D2-961G: Tweaking

Adjusting a few settings in the Developer options will make the tablet feel quicker and more responsive. One thing to remember is to use the recent apps button and when you’re finished with an application, close it and remove it from recent apps list. Managing your apps and their RAM is a good way to keep your Android device running smoothly.

Turning this feature on in Chrome really helps with page load times especially on all the various news sites I visit everyday.

  • Chrome → Settings → Advanced → Bandwidth management → Reduce data usage → On


I do not enable Disable HW overlays or Force GPU rendering. If you think enabling both settings benefits your tablet, go right ahead and use them. The only thing I do is turn off the animation stuff.

  • Settings → WiFi Settings → Advanced → Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep → Always
  • Settings → Sound → Touch sounds → Off
  • Settings → Sound → Screen lock sound → Off
  • Settings → Display → Font size → Huge
  • Settings → Language & input → Google Keyboard Settings → Sound on keypress → Off
  • Settings → Language & input → Google Keyboard Settings → Block offensive words → Off
  • Settings → Date & time → Use 24-hour format → Off
  • Settings → Developer options → Drawing → Window animation scale → Off
  • Settings → Developer options → Drawing → Transition animation scale → Off
  • Settings → Developer options → Drawing → Animator duration scale → Off

developer options-animation

ES File Explorer: Config Directories

The last thing I do is change the download path for my file manager from the internal 8gb card to the external 32gb card I installed. The D2-961G comes with ES File Explorer pre-installed so fire it up.

  • ES File Explorer → Settings → Directory settings → Home directory → /mnt/sd-ext
  • ES File Explorer → Settings → Directory settings → Bluetooth share path → /mnt/sd-ext/
  • ES File Explorer → Settings → Directory settings → Download path → /mnt/sd-ext/download/


Tap on Home directory and tap the grey up-arrow at the top-right. Select /mnt/sd-ext. Rinse and repeat for the next two directories. Now each time we download something it will go to the mounted 32gb card.