Setup TP-Link TL-WR841N as a Wi-Fi Bridge


I wanted a cheap way to strengthen the signal for my devices located downstairs in my house. I thought about buying one of those small range extenders but decided against it and purchased a cheap $18 router instead. I would never use the TL-WR841N as my main router but it works pretty well as a cheap extender.

Setup TL-WR841N:

Setting up the router as an extender is quite easy. The first thing you’ll want to do is plug your router into the wall and connect to the default SSID. We need to put the router in our network range so we can bridge it. You’ll need the IP address of your main router.

There are two ways of connecting to the router’s setup page. Open your browser and type http://tplinklogin.net or and hit enter. I prefer using the default IP address but either one should work. The default username and password for logging in is admin.

Click on Network → LAN and set the IP Address to whatever you like. Using a number close to the main router’s IP address is easier to remember. Click the save button when you’re finished.

After saving you’ll need to reconnect to the router using the new LAN IP address.



Click on Wireless → Wireless Settings and change the SSID. Everything else is pretty much left default. Make sure the Mode is set to BGN mixed.

Make sure there is check mark next to Enable Wireless Router Radio, Enable SSID Broadcast, and Enable WDS Bridging. Then click on the Survey button and select your main Wi-Fi network.

The SSID (to be bridged): and BSSID (to be bridged): fields should automatically populate after selecting your network. Verify the security key type is the same as your main router. Type the password for your main Wi-Fi network into the password field, hit save and reboot the unit.

That’s it!

Update: A few people contacted me regarding disabling the DHCP server in order for the bridge to work correctly.