My Top 100 Horror Movies

  A list of my favorite horror movies in no particular order. 90 – 100 TBC..   Trick ‘r Treat  (2007) Halloween  (1978) A Nightmare on Elm Street  (1984) The Evil Dead  (1981) Hellraiser  (1987) In The Mouth of Madness  (1994) Pumpkinhead  (1988) American Psycho  (2000) Fright Night  (1985) The Shining  (1980) The Exorcist  (1973) Jacob’s …

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Completely Uninstall Babylon Toolbar

A quick removal guide to completely rid this useless toolbar and all of its bullshit from Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome. Use this guide at your own risk. We’ll need to remove a few keys from the registry to completely remove Babylon. This guide assumes you know how to, create a system restore point, extract files …

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